Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ordinary Roses

I call these my "ordinary roses"; at least one grew from rootstock after the rest of the rose died off.

You can see forget-me-nots growing to the left.


  1. Hi Greta - thanks for visiting my blog. I see we have similar interests and thoughts.

    I started a garden blog last spring to keep track of my garden. Then another blog for thrifting, upcycling and vintage things. Then, just like you, I decided to start researching my family history which I knew/know very little about. It's been interesting and takes a lot of time. But I don't have to tell you that!

  2. All the best things in life! And I (and my daughter) loved the pug and kitty pictures on one of your other blogs. We also love our animals (cats in the house and birds in the yard). Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Beautyful roses. Loved that first one

  4. Oooh!! pretty! love this aqua green/paisley background, will have to check out the background sites you mentioned.

    How do you grow roses from rootstock? Or at least resurrect a pitifully producing rose bush--if you could point me to an online resource or something I'd be grateful. I love flowers but need to learn about planting in SoCal & not break the budget on watering.

    I love roses, cats & pretty graphics, as well. Noticed your comment on my peach cobbler post & felt bad about being behind on reading your blog--so, I discovered this! Serendipity. :)

  5. Hi, rootdigger and Liz! Liz - we didn't try to grow the rose from rootstock, but the grafted rose stock died off, so the rose just grew from the rootstock on its own. I grew up in SoCal and don't remember us ever growing roses, though I'm sure my mother would have loved to. I may hate the swamp-like climate here in Virginia, but at least we usually get plenty of rain.